The Fluid Mixers range of impeller systems accommodate all fluid mixing operations. Fluid Mixers have both the technology and experience to guarantee the equipment and guarantee the mixing process performance.

FLUID 3000

The Fluid 3000 is a third generation, direct axial flow foil section impeller system. The Fluid 3000 was developed in our fluids laboratory and draws heavily upon Fluid Mixers, experience of thousands of actual installations.
Optimum blade contour, chord angles, twist ratio and stable leading edge profile yield a high performance impeller system with minimised shear and optimised flow characteristics. The Fluid 3000 impeller is the mixing system of choice for all low viscosity, flow controlled mixing operations.


01. Blending
02. Solids in Suspension
03. Dissolution
04. Heat Transfer
05. Other Flow-Controlled Mixing Operations

FLUID 9300

The Fluid 9300 is a broad blade, moderate shear impeller system developed specifically for medium viscosity (50 000 cP or mPa.s) mixing applications.
The Fluid 9300 is a greatly improved impeller system when compared to the pitch blade turbine which has remained popular for medium viscosity mixing applications.
The moderate shear characteristic of this impeller produces a mixing system which also performs well in other applications requiring this attribute.


01. Low to Medium Viscosity Blending
02. Solids in Suspension
03. Dissolution
04. Non-Newtonian Fluids

FLUID 9300

The Fluid 9400 (Patent Pending) is a four bladed, foil section high solidity ratio impeller system.


01. Gas Dispersion
02. Biological Leach Gas Dispersion and Solids Suspension
03. Other duties which require a high mixing flow density such as solids repulping, high intensity mixing and suspension of coarse and/or dense solids


FLUID 4020

The Fluid 4020 is a four-bladed curved blade turbine producing a radial discharge flow pattern. The backswept blades and central anti-fowling disk produce an impeller with anti-ragging, anti-snagging characteristics.


01. Anoxic & Anaerobic Zone Sewage Treatment Basins
02. Other Water Treatment Plants
03. Mixing of Liquids Containing Tramp Material


Fluid SR-999 Mixing Systems

Fluid-0690 Mixing Systems

VS-200 Mixing Systems

Fluid Mixers design and manufacture a repertoire of over 60 various impeller systems, each for specialised applications to produce optimum mechanical and process mixing performance. Specialised impellers are available for solvent extraction, biological leaching, water treatment, autoclave pressure leach and all other fluid mixing applications. A summary of other impeller systems designed and manufactured by Fluid Mixers are listed below.

Impeller Systems

01. Fluid SR-999 Serrated Blade Impeller System
02. Solvent Extraction Head/Flow Turbine
03. Curved Blade Aerofoil Water Treatment Impeller
04. 32 Degree Pitch Blade Turbine
05. 45 degree Pitch Blade Turbine
06. Vertical Flat Blade Turbine
07. DSP-400 High Shear Rotor-Stator Workhead